“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”~ James Beard

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience. “~ James Beard

Food unites one and all…

 ‘‘Lights, camera, action…’’ – one of the eager Yr 5 girls exclaimed as they were about to share their imovie about ‘strawberry smoothies’!

It was ‘Movie Day’- the girls having met with their buddies from the EEC, enthusiastically researched and prepared visual and audio presentations about the vegetables and fruit found in the EEC Vegetable Patch!

The children from the EEC were captivated by the imovie highlighting the use of carrots to make a carrot cake and the movie trailer showcasing the myriad of uses for celery – namely celery pasta.

However it was the visual of the plump, red, juicy strawberries used to make strawberry smoothies that won the vote of our conscientious, food critics from the EEC!

EEC Child: Delicious…strawberries

EEC Child 1: I love the colour…red


Again, it was evident from the array of media devices used, that the ‘Hundred Languages’ …was truly embedded in this meeting –

“The child

is made of one hundred.

The child has

A hundred languages…” Louis Malaguzzi

The EEC teacher and I commented on the ease at which both groups of children engaged with each other. Although it was only their second meeting, the conversation and way the two groups interacted was affirmation that the joint project/s this year enhanced and enriched our sense of community as a College.

Questions arose…

What factors influenced the ‘ease’ at which both groups of children and students engaged?

 Were both groups of children familiar with meetings – observing interactions from previous projects?

 Did ‘food’ – the joy of creating meals and drinks inspire and unite all?

 “Eating with the fullest pleasure is perhaps the profoundest enactment of our connection with the world. In this pleasure we experience and celebrate our dependence and our gratitude. “~ Wendell Berry

 Strawberry Smoothie Delight…

 “Five, four three two , one”…the chorus of children from the EEC and Primary school could be heard chanting – as we waited and watched with vigilant eyes, the smoothie mixture whirling around…


The joy was infectious…as the older primary school students worked collaboratively with their friends from the EEC. As the students prepared the cooking table, and discussed steps it was evident that the older students recognized the children from the EEC as ‘strong, capable and full potential’ – listening to their ideas and knowledge about strawberries…

EEC: We have 2 strawberries from our vegetable patch, we have helped them grow…

Primary Student: How have you helped them grow?

EEC Child: you know, by watering them

Primary student: and sunlight

EEC: Yes, but we don’t give them that, it’s in the sky!


Both groups of students were co researchers, their curiosity and questioning contributed to the cooking experience – they were formulating and testing hypotheses:

EEC: I think we need to add some more strawberries for the next smoothie…I couldn’t taste them!

Primary student: and not a lot of yoghurt, perhaps just 2 tablespoons.

Teacher: How long do you think we should blend the mixture?

EEC: not long

Primary student: less than last time

Primary student: let’s try for a minute

One of the Primary students, aware that the EEC children would not be aware of the duration for a minute, suggested we count backwards when we reached 20secs…the problem solving was admirable!!

It was evident that using the produce from the vegetable patch, making strawberry smoothies –

“Making [food] simple and letting things taste of what they are” (Maurice Edmond Sailland) –

delighted the appetites of all and enriched the learning across all subject areas…

Maths: counting forwards and backwards – duration of time.

Science and Technology: formulating and testing hypotheses

English: phonic awareness ‘s’ for strawberries, writing procedures and recounts about the experience.

Talking and listening to each other, suggestions and experiences.


As cooking time came to a close, and the girls walked their buddies back to the EEC –one teacher commented as she watched from the Library window…

“The projects between our EEC and Primary School certainly enhance our College atmosphere…if only we had school tours now, they could see what it means, how special it is to belong to our College – SSC!”

Personally I was struck by the image of one of our Primary School students with her friend from the EEC…several years ago she was a bright eyed graduate from the same EEC!





















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